Kirill Rozhkov

Material: mascara

Price range: 150 000 rubles or higher
(size from 10 x 15 cm)

Kirill Rozhkov creates portraits with pen and ink. It conveys light and shadow by placing small points closer or further apart. Because of this, the surface of the image looks velvety, and also - as if shrouded in the dust of centuries.

The painstaking technique takes time and attention, so the work on each portrait takes at least a month. As a result, the image is elaborated to the smallest detail. It is interesting to examine both the person's face and the complex frame around it, centimeter by centimeter.

Personal exhibitions "Faces, Forms and Illusions" (2019, St. Petersburg), "Darkness" (2018, St. Petersburg); exhibition of carpets based on drawings by the author "Darkwater" in the Bulthaup design gallery (2011, St. Petersburg).

The artist is ready to work from a photo. You will need 3-4 photos with a quality of at least 200 pixels per square inch. For the best result - at least one live posing session.

1. Artem Ostapchuk 2013 53 х 75 cm
2.Alexander Lebedev Frontov 2012 53 x 75 cm
3. Georgy Beloglazov 2015 53 x 75 cm
4. Nikolay Sudnik 2014 53 x 75 cm

Price range: < $2000

Country: Russia

City: Saint Petersburg

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