Zhanna Zutlevits

Technique: oil, acrylic

Price range: 38 000 rubles or higher
(Size 50 *40 cm)

Member of the International Art Fund, member of the Professional Union of Independent Artists. Participant in various group exhibitions. One-man shows in Jurmala (Aspazia's house, 2010), in Moscow (Armenia's pavilion at VDNKh, 2015).

Her paintings are in private collections in Russia and many other countries all over the world.

In Jeanne's paintings, you can see fine girls dressed in bright fabrics wearing fancy hats. Elongated proportions, graceful silhouettes, attention to jewelry, and costume details all combined in one painting contributes to a sentiment of emphasized decorativeness. The paintings make you feel as if you were in a fantasy world the one which is surreal and captivating at the same time.

"I started with pencil portraits. I set a goal: to do one portrait every 30 days. I drew my relatives, friends, their children. Then I started to work on picturesque portraits and dressed my models in fabulous costumes and hats.

Drawing for me is a meditative process that is why I prefer working from a photo to drawing from life. The solitude helps me to feel the person properly, to understand what makes them special, and to discern different subtleties of his\her personality. I do try to show these characteristics on the canvas to make the person recognizable, yet realistic portraits have never been my ultimate goal. As for styles, I find Art Noumea with its flat background and smooth, flexible lines rather appealing."

The artist works from a photo. You need to provide 3-4 high-quality photos.

1. Private conversation, 2020, 60x60 cm
2. Lust, 2020, 60x50 cm
3. Portrait of a friend or a lady with a cat, 2019. 50x50 cm
4. Portrait of a friend or a lady with a cat, 2019. 50x50 cm
5. Portrait of Tatiana, 2019. 40x40 cm
6. Portrait of Linda 2018 50x40 cm
7. Portrait of Timur, 2018. 50x40 cm
8. Photo of Zhanna Zutlevits

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Price range: < $500

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