Anastasia Barankova

Technique: Digital Art

Price range: 6 500 rubles or higher

Anastasia Barankova is not afraid to use bright, contrasting colors. There are almost no halftones nor space depth in her portraits, so they resemble posters and works in the pop art style. At the same time, the external resemblance is preserved: this is what Anastasia takes especially seriously.

The artist experiments with the degree of elaboration of details, carefully constructs a form with the help of hatching, then barely outlines it with several lines. The artist admits that she is inspired by the task of "depicting the anatomy of the face, hair, folds of clothing" and the variety of techniques that can be used to solve this problem.

Anastasia is ready to work on photography. She can paint from both a professional photoshoot frame or a selfie on the phone.

1. Tanya 2019
2. Rita 2019
3. Computer graphics 2019
4. Ulyana 2019
5. Lily 2020
6. Maria 2019
7. Olga 2021
8.Portrait 2021

Price range: < $500

Country: Russia

City: Bryansk

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