Anastasia Ryzhikova

Technique: mixed

Price range: 2 000 $ or higher
(size from 80 x 80 cm)

Anastasia works in the author's technique and combines collage and acrylic painting. Color and symbolism can be seen in her works for glossy magazine clippings. The artist asks to tell about the hobbies, interests and biography of the person being portrayed and finds pictures that fit the theme and shade. Then he complements the collage with acrylic, highlighting details, shadows, and the shape of the face. As a result, it is possible to achieve a great portrait similarity. The top of the work is filled with liquid glass: it helps to link the layers together and create a holistic impression.

Bright multicolored paintings, similar to mosaics, look elegant and attract attention. You want to look at them, looking from fragment to fragment and from one detail to another.

The artist works from photos. You will need to provide a good quality photo.

1. Monica 105 x105 x 2 cm
2. Tarantino 105 x 105 x 2 cm
3. Tihonov 105 x 105 x 2 cm
4. Travolta 105 x 105 x 2 cm
5. Olga 80 х 80 cm

Price range: < $2000

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

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