Alina Belousova

Technique: mixed media (microcircuits, radio parts)

Price range: 60 000 rubles or higher
(size 40x50 cm)

Alina Belousova creates art pieces from computer parts and radio components - high-tech materials that are no longer of use. Her works are personal reflections on the relationship between man and machine. These ideas inspire jewelry that looks like chips protruding on the human body, "Faberge eggs" assembled from circuit boards and radiators - a symbol of a growing value of information and reflection on the birth of species and populations, and many other decorative and artistic objects.

"When I create portraits from the fragments of computer parts, I want them to be more than just images of certain people, I see them as a conversation about what memory is today, how the information age has affected the storage of images and information in our head and beyond, how an image is made up of small details or, on the contrary, is crumbled into pixels or distorted by glitch effects."

When creating a portrait, the artist begins with anoutline sketch and a stencil, from which she cuts out the parts for the portrait and then assembles them, like a jigsaw puzzle, on an aluminium composite panel. All parts are fixed to the panel with screws and nuts.

The artist works exclusively from a photo. You need to provide at least 6 high quality photos.

1. Self-portrait, 2020, 49.5 x 63 cm
2. Self-portrait with a photography
3. Tsoy, 2017, 100x150cm
4. Steve Jobs, 2015, 100 x 110 cm
5. Chapay, 2017, 100x150cm
6 Gagarin, 2017,100x150cm
7. The photo of Alina Belousova

Country: Russia

City: Engels

Price range: < $500

Price range: < $1000

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