Alexandra Sandler

Technique: pastel

Price range: 30 000 rubles or higher
(size from 40 x 60 cm)

The special expressiveness of Alexandra Sandler's portraits is achieved by the contrast of a black background and bright strokes of pastels. The artist seeks to convey the face geometry and accentuates cheekbones, the shape of the nose, lips, applying shadows, highlights, and reflexes of various colors. Lines and strokes remain undimmed, which adds expressiveness to paintings.

"I strive to capture the character: I try to find a special emotion of the person posing and the facial features that reflect it. As a result, I can convey the general atmosphere and the effect of the image as a whole, " says Alexandra.

The artist works both from life and from photography. The number of sessions is discussed individually.

1. "Sergey" 2020 70x100 cm
2. "Darina" 2020 50x70 cm
3. "Kolya" 2020 70x100 cm
4. "Self-portrait" 2020 70x100 cm
5. "Nikita" 2020 70x100 cm
6. "Tanya" 2020 50x70 cm

Price range: < $500

Country: Russia

City: Saint Petersburg

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