Lana Musina-Medvetskaya

Technique: oil

Price range: 240 000 rubles or higher
(size from 60 x 80)

Svetlana Musina-Medvetskaya does not simply create portraits: she tells stories, placing characters in a certain environment. Her characters are focused, self-sufficient, and individualistic. In doing so, they naturally coexist with an environment filled with detail, and it is only natural that the scene does not look staged.

"I am not ready to paint grand portraits, smooth and all beautiful. What I find much more interesting is portraying a person in a certain way or showing a scene from everyday life.

To my mind, that the work is successful only when one wants to think about the personality of the person portrayed and their story. I do not pursue absolute photographic similarity but rather prefer to be guided by my gut feeling. If the customer is ready to trust me, I am open to cooperating."

The artist works from a photo only. You will need a high-quality photo, with no filters and or Photoshop touching. It is discussed individually: not every photo will be suitable.

1. "Patchwork mat" 2019 80x100 cm
2. "Potter" 2020 110x110 cm
3. "Early morning" 2020 100x134 cm

Price range: < $2000

Country: Russia

City: Kazan

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