Nikos Gyftakis

Technique: oil painting

Price range 1 500 € or higher
(for 15*10 cm size)

The artist was born in Athens, Greece, in 1981. He studied art at Konstfack University in Stockholm, painting and scenography at the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and music at the National Conservatory of Athens, Greece. Among his credentials are four one-man shows and plenty of group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad. In 2018 he was awarded a prize at the WunderKammer I: Liquid Form Exhibition at the Esbjerg Art Museum in Denmark and at the Biennale of the Western Balkans - curated by Dr. Efi Kyprianidou, Mekio, Ioannina, Greece.

In 2014 Mr Gyftakis participated in the 5th International Art Festival "Maiden Tower" in Baku, Azerbaijan. In 2012 he was selected among the 30 finalists of the international competition "Surrealism Showdown", Saatchi Gallery. Member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. Set designer and painter for a number of films and theatrical performances, art exhibition curator, art professor. Currently resides and works in Athens, Greece.

"Many years ago, while studying at the School of Fine Arts, I came to the conclusion that I needed to find my own personality, my personal style ... both artistically and personally. I started studying philosophy, writing, drawing and sketching a lot. I am trying to breathe the human soul into my portraits, that of mine own and my loved ones. As a result, a certain psychogram emerges the one that allows my own instincts and various qualities of painting to merge to become the dominant elements of the artwork. I try to express my inner self through circular patterns and lines dancing to the rhythm of circular melodies. Since line is the main medium, curves replace angles and continuity comes in place of discontinuity. No more contour lines; shapes, light, colours - they all flow in space and in the atmosphere. Look at your finger up close and you will we see a print which is nothing more than a synthesis of countless curved lines that whirl and shuffle to create a unique pattern in each individual case. From afar it is just a finger that is seen rather than intricate lines... take a step futher and all you see is just a hand and so it goes on. In other words, just like water sculpts the earth in creating unique landscapes, I use colours and curved lines to capture a psyche of a person whose uniqueness I choose to put on show."

Portrait sitting is optional; you need to provide several high quality photos (3-4 photos).
It is not allowed to make adjustments to a painting in progress as
for the artist's personal style makes for all the necessary elements to create a unique piece of art.

1. Haroula, 2012, oil 60 X40
2. Lars, 2015 oil, 73 X 60
3. Edwige, 2014 oil 117 X 89
4. Elefteria 2010 oil 30 х 25
5. Fouditsa 2010 oil 30 х 25

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Price range: < $1000

Price range: < $2000

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