Vadis Krasovsky

Technique: mixed media (coins)

Price range: 15 000$ or higher
(size 94 x 119 cm)

A Belarusian Mogilev-born artist, creates portraits from old Soviet coins.

The author himself calls his technique Facemoney Illusion. Unusual art form is explained by the artist's hobby: for many years Vadis was fond of numismatics. His collection had a large number of coins from the Soviet era, which in 2015 prompted him to use them to create his first portraits.

His works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, Germany.

In 2018 he was awarded with a letter gratitude from the Russian Academy of Arts for professionalism in works of art. In 2020 the Mogilev Regional Museum hosted his first one-man exhibition.

Each coin is processed manually: the metal has to be cleaned from corrosion, the surface painted and covered with layers of protective varnish. You need from 2 to 4 thousand coins to make a portrait and the production stage lasts several months.

"For many of us, born in the USSR, the feeling of nostalgia is one of the warmest ones. The sight of the coins from that time evokes this sentiment. That's what makes my works particiulary interesting to the audience. Touched by thousands of hands, Soviet coins conserve the energy of their time.
Since I was little I have always liked to look at faces, in magazines, on postcards, in photographs... There was some magical dimension to it for me. At the beginning of my career, I made a decision to do portraits of famous, interesting for me people, whom I would like to present the paintings personally. It is particularly symbolic that the heroes from my works have been adorning banknotes of various countries. "

The artist works from a photo. You need to provide 3-4 high quality photos.
It is allowed to make adjustments at the request of the customer at the sketch stage in exceptional cases.

This collection of works was completed between 2016 and 2021.

Price range: < $2000

Country: Belarus

City: Mogilev

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