Nastya Miro

Technique: tempera
Price range: 150 000 rubles or higher
(Size 40 *40 cm)

Nastya Miro – a realist artist, born and works in Moscow, a graduate of the school theatre of entertainment, film and television, and the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.

One-man shows in Moscow (the House on Patriarch Ponds cultural center, the 6th Moscow International Biennale of young art, Sochi art Museum, Moscow galleries Black Dog, Total Art Club, NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY, SENSE, Gallery XVI; GANTANHAO 798 Exclamation Art Space in Beijing). Participant of joint exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, Kyiv, Los Angeles, Monaco, and Moscow.

"For a long time, while portraying a person, I was trying to convey a certain cultural dimension, the crystallization of the surrounding space and time, so to say. The subject here acted as a kind of guide, as a catalyst of certain cultural features, at the same time their own personality remained in the background and came to the fore only if the settings allowed it.
Over time, my interest shifted from the general to the particular, and it became important for me to portray the person, rather than to show the external reality through him. This is how the project NOISE was born, which was aimed specifically at depicting a person's individual characteristics. By the end of the project, we created about seventy portraits, and I became much more experienced in working with "human factor" (let's call it that)."

"I work exclusively from photography. My technique involves the scrupulous depiction of all the details and nuances in the image of a person, and the process of creating a portrait sometimes can take me up to several months, depending on the size. No one will be able to sit that long for a portrait. Another thing is that I prepare the material myself. To paint a high-quality portrait, I need to meet a person face-to-face, communicate with them to understand what kind of people they are. Take heed of the nuances of their behavior; remember their facial expressions, their eyes in an attempt to see their character. After all, these are not the external contours that I am trying to show on the canvas but rather my knowledge, understanding, and vision. As an exception, when it is not possible to meet the customer and take photos myself, I work from the material sent, but even then I request high-quality images in high resolution."

The artist works from photography and takes photos on her own (it is necessary to meet in person). If it is impossible to arrange a face-to-face meeting, you need to provide high-quality 3-4 images.

1. Reflection of reflection, 2017, 90x130 cm
2. The project the Glance at the East, Varanasi, 2014,170x130 cm
3. The project NOICE, Zahar, 2015, 140x180 cm
4. The project NOICE, Mikhail, 2015, 140x180 cm
5. The project the Glance at the East , Cotton candy, 2014,140x170 cm
6. The project NOICE, Vladimir M, 2014, 140x190 cm
7. The project the Glance at the East, Strawberry, 2014, 120x140 cm
8. The project NOICE, Ararat, 2016, 170x140 cm
9. The project NOICE, Vladimir, 2016, 140x180 cm

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Price range: < $2000

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