Islam Allam

Technique: Digital Art

Price range: 525 $ or higher
(sizes from 13*19 inches)

In the portraits of Allam Islam, the smoothly drawn facial features, shown through a haze of colored fog, are combined with wide, chaotic strokes and strict geometric shapes. The artist plays with volumes; one painting depicts both colored planes, smooth three-dimensional objects, and a convex image of a face with a chiaroscuro modeling.

In the caption to each portrait, he indicates the name of the track that became the source of inspiration. Music helps Allam to transition into his creative process, its rhythm and structure get channeled into the color and visual rhythm of the finished portrait.

"I like to draw people who do not expect to see their mirror reflection in the portrait." For me, it is more important to convey an impression, to express an idea, and not to reflect reality, " the artist says about the process of creating a portrait.

Selected exhibitions: "Not The Fucking Help" and " Erotica "(2019, Norway)," Beyond Borders "(2019, Italy)," The 4th PASA Festival "(2019, South Korea)," Artists of the world " (2019, Vietnam); numerous online exhibitions in 2020.

The artist works from photography.

Country: Egypt

City: Cairo

Price range: < $500

Price range: < $1000

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