Ivan Bykov

Technique: Pencil

Price range: 23 000 rubles or higher
(size from 20 x 30 cm)

When creating portraits, Ivan pays special attention to the elaboration of details: "Drawing a portrait in detail, you get to know a person more and more deeply, you find his unique character traits, emotions."

Ivan takes the transfer of character seriously and believes that the inner world of a person is constantly changing. This is evident in the appearance and can be reflected in the portrait: "It is always interesting to capture a new face, but it is even more interesting to make portraits of the same person over time. So there is an opportunity to compare and see what has changed in a person, what character traits they have acquired."

Among the works of Ivan presented on the site are portraits of his friends and relatives, portraits of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and portraits of cultural figures made in a mixed technique on old plans and drawings.

The artist is ready to work from photography. You will need good quality 3-4 images.

1. Bykov Ivan Anatolyevich-Gold of Altai Altayets 2016 43x61 cm
2. V. Gergiev 2015 29, 5x42 cm
3. Soviet director I. A. Pyriev 2014 29. 5x22. 5 cm
4. Young Altai woman 2018 42, 2x29, 8 cm
5. V. M. Shukshin 2014 29x23 cm
6. Yu. A. Gagarin 2012 29x21 cm
7. Olga 2021 21 х 30 cm

Country: Russia

City: Barnaul

Price range: < $500

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