Vladimir Mullin

Technique: oil

Price range: 6 000 $ or higher
(size from 60 x 80 cm)

Vladimir Evgenievich Mullin - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The representative of the Russian modern school of realistic painting.

The main themes of his work are portrait and genre painting. The artist believes that the main task of the painter is to translate the internal state of the model into the external form and admits that he enjoys communicating with the people he paints. He pays great attention to the "aesthetics of the stroke" and is keen on experimenting with light, shadow, and color.

"First and foremost, Vladimir Mullin's paintings represent a venturous and keenly inquisitive look of the painter. Each piece whether it is a quick sketch, a sketch, a draft, or a complete multi-figured plot composition, reveals his inner hunger for impressions. Simple household life, worn-out slippers, a lit cigarette clutched in the hand or trinkets scattered on the table when falling into the optics of his perception, they turn into something extraordinary in its own right and sometimes even fateful."

His paintings are in the state art museums in Kirov and Ulyanovsk, the museum and exhibition complex Yixing City Art Gallery (Yixin City, Jiangsu Province, China), in the Academy of Slavic Writing and Culture in Moscow, in the collection of the Moscow City Duma. They can also be found in private collections in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, USA, France, Korea, Germany, England, China, Poland, Japan.

"I have always said that many can paint a landscape, but not a portrait ...You can't lie here and paint things over with trees, that just doesn't work with portraits. Sometimes you can't make a mistake even on a pencil line."

The artist is ready to work from a photo.

1. Old gramophone. 2013, 100 x100 cm
2. Spring Cool tea 2019, 200 x100 cm
3. Sonya 2011, 40 x 50 cm
4. Archer Study for the painting "Four Horsemen". 2014, 100 x 50 cm
5. Moon cat 2017, 180 x 80 cm
6. Hunter 2018, 200 x100 cm
7. Merchant Feast 2015, 150 x 200 cm
8. Prince Domenico Pallavicino 2019, 185 x100 cm

Country: Russia

City: Kirovo-Chepetsk

Price range: < $2000

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