Svetlana Yarkey

Technique: Digital Art

Price range: 600 $ or higher
(size 4000 x 5000 pixels)

The image in the portraits of Svetlana Erkei is built with the help of gray shades together with the computer graphics that look almost like a pencil drawing. It's all about shading. This is painstaking work, but it helps the artist to convey volumes, draw details, and express a personal relationship to the model.

"Shading helps me convey a person's charisma. If you look at the work, you can see how it changes depending on who is depicted in the portrait, "explains Svetlana.

The second important thing is light. Highlights in various shades create accents, highlight details, and separate the subject from the background. As a result, the portrait is both reserved and bright.

The artist is ready to work from the photo. You will need to provide 3-4 high-quality photographs, one of them in profile.

1 . "Water nymph" 2022
2 . "Chameleon" 2022
3. "James Delaney" 2019
4. "Barnabas 2020
5. "Clowness" 2020
6. "Forest Nymph" 2020
7. "Matilda" 2020
8. "Tranquility" 2022
9. "Light in the eyes" 2022 1
10 . "Inner light" 2022
11 . "Shaman" 2022
12 . "Dragonfly" 2022
13 . "Dawn" 2022
14 . "Portrait in the images of Dune characters" 2022
15 . "Time" 2020

Price range: < $500

Price range: < $1000

Country: Russia

City: Murmansk

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