Irik Musin

Technique: oil

Price range: 375 000 rubles or higher
(size from 80 x 100 cm)

People in the works of Irik Rashidovich Musin are often shown in a contradictory light; the images tend to be unambiguous to interpret. They reflect soul searching, doubts, experiences, and attempts to find one's place in the universe.

"My work is inextricably linked with the inner world of a person. There is both the divine and the other side to a human; both the striving for beauty, for greatness on the one hand, and the destructive force, fear of the inevitable that generate anger and egocentrism on the other. In my works, I try to convey emotions and deep feelings, and color helps me to achieve my goal "

Irik Musin is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and Tatarstan, a member of the Alliance of Contemporary Art public association, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, and the International Federation of Artists. A regular participant in regional, republican, and foreign exhibitions. Winner of international contemporary art competitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bucharest, Berlin. In 2014 he was awarded the Feshin Prize in the field of contemporary fine arts from the Russian Academy of Arts. In 2018 he was awarded a silver medal by the Russian Academy of Arts. The artists' paintings are in the State Museum of Fine Arts of Tyumen, the national cultural center of Kazan, the house-museum of Boris Pasternak in Vsevolodo-Vilva, the State Museum of China in Xinyan, private and corporate collections in Russia, England, France, Turkey, China, Greece, Romania, Germany, USA, and other countries.

Irik Musin prefers to paint from life: 3-5 sessions are needed at least. If painting from life isn't an option it is advisable to meet with the artist in person to take photos of the model or send photos from different angles taken by a professional photographer.

1. Noon. 2012. 105x147 cm
2. The broken funnyman. 2019. 150x108 cm
3. Ladybug 2011. 70x90 cm
4. Lifeline 2014 70x100 cm
5. On the bench 2013 80x100 cm
6. The Revelation of Martin. 2017 89.5 x 64 cm
7. The path of the shaman.2011. 150x122 cm
8. Northern summer. 2015. 150x131 cm
9. The villager 2014 150x93 cm

Price range: < $2000

Country: Russia

City: Kazan

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