Elena Katashova and Svetlana Romanova

Technique: mixed media (nails, threads)

Price range: 1 350 $ or higher
(size from 90 x 70 cm)

"Our favorite moment is the second look at the painting. A person enters the room and notices something hanging on the wall. He gets distracted, and then turns his head back again to take another look, a more careful one this time, he is trying to understand: what are these, nails? No paint? How is it even possible?"- tell the artists laughing.

The string art technique used by Elena and Svetlana implies the creation of paintings from threads and nails. Depending on the color, thickness, texture of the threads, the depth of immersion, and the size of the nails, various effects can be achieved, and the artist's skill determined both by careful work on the contour and by the right material selection and color combinations. The right choice of the source photo is of equal importance as well.

"We are limited by the laws of physics: to pull a thread, you need a certain distance. Therefore, we will not accept a random photo to work with. "

After the original photo is selected, it is given to the designer for revision. When the layout is ready the painting gets adapted to the desired size, colors, and materials are chosen and the work on the painting begins.

"We work in a variety of genres but the portrait is the most difficult and the most responsible one. Sometimes one extra carnation in the corner of the mouth changes the whole impression by making the work better and the painting as a whole more authentic.

Artists work from a photo but not every photo is acceptable. You will need to discuss the photo choice in advance.

The most common sizes are 90x70 cm / 100x80 cm


1. Bob Marley
2. Jack Sparrow
3. Oleg Konnikov
4. Pop Art
5. Cherries
6. BMW

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Price range: < $1000

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