Galina Ereschuk

Technique: oil

Price range: 100 000 rubles or higher

Galina Ereshchuk received a fundamental art education: first, she studied at the Moscow State Academy of Arts in Memory of 1905, then at the Moscow State Academy of Arts named after Vasily Surikov (diploma with distinctions, the medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia "For active involvement in exhibitions").

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, curator and participant of exhibition projects Fatality (Moscow, 2015), Egocentric (Moscow Center for Contemporary Art, Wizard, 2015,), June 22. On the side of a human (European Center for the Arts, Moscow, Saratov, Yaroslavl, Bratislava, 2016,), Time is waiting (Pskov, Saratov, Moscow, 2017), Beauty! (Moscow, Saratov, Novosibirsk, 2018). Participant in the project Jogging around Tobolsk, 2018 Permanent participant of the traveling exhibition projects Red Gate. Against the Current and Between the Volga and the Danube. One-man shows (with Vyacheslav Ereshchuk): The point of meaning, 2014, The point of meaning. Imminence,2015, This is not summer ...,2019. A resident of the workshops of the Luxembourg Department of Culture, 2018.

Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Germany, Luxembourg, Canada, in the collection of the "Free Business" foundation.

In her works, Ms. Ereshchuk strives to demonstrate the plastic possibilities of painting and related media. In Galena's works, special expressiveness is achieved through the coloristic palette namely through the use of large color planes.

"A Portrait as a genre is interesting for me since I like to take on challenges. A portrait is a difficult task; it requires a lot of experience and skills. It's always a small victory for me when everything works out."

The artist is ready to work from a photo although her preferred mode of work would require two personal meetings. To achieve an efficient partnership and to create an interesting image for a portrait that will last for many years rather than a random shot you will need a get-acquainted meeting and a sitting session for a photo or sketch (depending on the time and wishes).

1. Girl in the Garden, 2018, 160x130 cm
2. Maria, 2019, 160x110 cm
3. Portrait of the director Vali Bodrova, 2019, 150x110 cm
4. Portrait of Anastasia Omelchenko, artist, gallery owner, 2020, 130x100 cm
5. Portrait of Alexei, 2020, 160x120 cm
6. Portrait of Anya, 2018, 190x90 cm
7. Portrait of Olga 2021 150х110 cm

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Price range: < $1000

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