Zalifa Khibatova

Technique: pastel, oil

Price range 12 000 rubles or higher
(size from 40 x 50 cm)

Zalifa Khibatova — painter, graphic artist from the Bashkortostan Republic. He is a member of the Union of Young Artists of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Zalifa creates pastel portraits in sepia shades, light, and mysterious oil portraits, where with color and light helps Zalifa to convey a special warm atmosphere.

Participant of national, All-Russian and foreign exhibitions, including the international Biennale of artists "ARS INCOGNITO" (2017, Italy). Participated in the UNESCO art education internship, in the international plein-air in Vezirköprü (2018, Turkey). Young talent awards and competitions winner (review-competition of young talents of Russia "New names", the Kirill Degtyarev prize "Gifted children", the award for support of talented youth of the President of the Russian Federation).

His works are in private collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Zalifa works from photography. The artist can create a group portrait from different images and make a color pictorial portrait from a black-and-white photo.

1. Portrait of a violinist " 2017 wikipedia. 50*90 cm
2. "Natasha" 2017 wikipedia. 60*80 cm
3. "Leysan" 2015 wikipedia. 60*80 cm
4. "Sisters" 2018 wikipedia. 50*80 cm
5. "Hadith" 2018 wikipedia. 40*80 cm
6. "Istamgul" 2018 wikipedia. 40*80 cm
7. "Self-portrait of the bride" 2019 wikipedia. 70*160 cm
8. "In the morning" 2015 wikipedia. 70*90 cm
9. "The grandmother of Budig" 2018 Wikipedia. 70*90 cm
10. Portrait of Bashkir " 2019 wikipedia. 60*80 cm

Price range: < $500

City: Ufa

Country: Russia

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