Alexey Kurbatov

Technique: collage

Price range: 45 000 rubles or higher
(А2, A3, А4 format)

Alexey Kurbatov is an illustrator from St. Petersburg.

He deploys mixed media painting technique and works with watercolor, oil, collage, tablet.
The artist pays great attention to nuances. As a result, a complex yet captivating image is born - the one that keeps the viewer for at least a couple of seconds longer.

"We live in a world of fast information that is why we have to fight for the human right to take our time to process things."

Since 2010 Mr Kurbatov has worked on a series of portraits for wonderful people. In 2012 he won the Fubiz Awards by one of the largest art, design and pop culture media outlet. His portraits of Marlene Dietrich, Clint Eastwood, Mahatma Gandhi, Frida Kahlo were exhibited in Europe, were used for bus stop design (Artemy Lebedev's Studio) in interiors and installations by other artists both on Russian and British television.

"What I am trying to do is more than just displaying the appearance or conveying the literal perception, but rather an attempt to capture the peak emotional moment through which a person is revealed. For me each face tells a story, to look at the portrait means to have a conversation. What's important here is to capture the character"

Alexey often works with book and magazine illustrations: his works have been published in Russian (from GQ and Harper's Bazaar to Kommersant and Snob) as well as in foreign media (Robb Report, The New Republic, The Atlantic, etc.), and adorned the books by Penguin Random House.

The artist works from a photo. You need to provide 3-4 high quality photos.

Country: Russia

City: Saint Petersburg

Price range: < $500

Price range: < $1000

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