Farid Bogdalov

Technique: oil, acrylic

Price range: 3 000 € or higher
(size from 40 х 50 cm)

Farid Bogdalov is a Russian artist, one of the founders of the Moscow art squat Furmanny Lane.

Farid Bogdalov was the Furmanny art shop pioneer and the organizer of both squats. These legendary Moscow addresses with their intensive creative energy exchange and relentless process of new art language formation came to become the real centers of modern culture. It was during this period when these places staged the scene for a Lukhovitsy-born artist to become the mastermind behind modern plastic post-conceptualism. He works relentlessly to ensure that this art form which manifests itself either in abstract simulationism or in ironic figurative painting thrives and develops further.

Of particular interest to Farid Bogdalov is the analysis of the broadest visual contexts of modern civilization and society, which is commonly referred to as The Society of the Spectacle. They include both means of portraying political and economic power and the ubiquitous visual traps of a consumption system as a whole.
The artist сompares the sweet ruse of the consumerist fakes with a cake whose cream attracts flies. In his latest works "Sweet Power" and "Sweet and Bitter", the artist strips the images of their original attractiveness and replaces it with the triumph of the spectators' irony in his latest projects.

"On the outside, from a formal point of view, my works are often seen as unresolvable paradoxes. Thus, even if the paradox does not spell out the truth itself yet it transparently hints at its existence and, in a certain sense, points to the truth. "

Works in private collections:
Kolodzei Art Foundation, the USA
Christian Keesee, the USA
Sam Harrell, the USA
Pierre-Christian Brochet, France
Laudine Sotinell France
Marta Bowry, Italy
Nicola Savoretti, Italy
Julian Gori, Italy
Paolo Sprovieri, Italy
Jolis, Switzerland

1. Asana N 11, oil on canvas, 170 x 130 cm, 2009
2. Leonid Bazhanov in the form the enlightened, oil on paper, 76 x 61 cm, 2018
3. Asana N 22, acrylic paint on paper, 71 x 50 cm, 2008
4. Asana N 111, acrylic paint on paper, 61 x 74 cm, 2008
5. Asana N 10, acrylic paint on paper, 71 x 60 cm, 2008
6. Vladimir Silvokhin, oil on paper, 100x60 cm, 2008
7. Asana N 11, oil on canvas, 170 x 130 cm, 2009
8. Asana N 2, oil on canvas, 130 x 170 cm, 2009
9. Asana N 3, oil on canvas, 130 x 160 cm, 2018
10. Asana N4, oil on canvas, 138 x 189 cm, 2009

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

Price range: < $2000

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