Larisa Kylikova

Technique: acrylic

Price range: 1 500 $ or higher
(size 40 x 30 cm)

Marisa Kulikova is a painter and a graphic designer. She has an art degree. She has been painting for over 20 years now; his paintings are in private collections in Russia, USA, Canada, France, Germany, and Ukraine. She has participated in collective shows in Russia and Germany on various occasions, presented her works at two one-man shows in Moscow in 2016 and 2019.

In her works, the artist reflects subjective impressions, emotions, and fantasies, being inspired by moments snatched from contemporary pop culture.

"It so happened that portraits have become the most prominent art form for me. Every time you start creating a painting, you merge to become one with the character; you re-embody and paint with your character's emotions. That's the person's charisma that determines the portrait style, its color scheme, and some special and unique nuances. I am inspired by people who live in the now. "

Humor, aesthetics, intelligence are the main trump cards that the artist counts on.

You need to provide 3-4 high-quality photos; it is also advisable to have one face-to-face session with the artist.

1. Twiggy, 2019, 40x30 cm
2. A portrait and a photograph of Elsa
3. Portrait of Elsa, 2018, 70x60
4. A Portrait and a photo of Philip Nikonov
5. A Portrait and a photo of Alicia Lutsch
6. A portrait and a photo of Natalia Pivovar
7. A Portrait and a photo of Natalia
8. Photo of Larisa Kulikova

Price range: < $1000

Price range: < $500

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

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