Andrey Pyankovsky

Technique: oil

Price range: 38 000 rubles or higher
(size from 40 x 40 cm)

In 2021, Andrei Pyankovsky will graduate from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He admits that the portrait genre attracted him right away: while his classmates were studying in the open air in the summer, Andrei was sitting at home and working on yet another portrait. The precision of look, expression, the texture of the skin is of utter importance for the artist as he seeks to achieve maximum similarity. He considers himself to be the successor of the traditions of the Russian school of painting and is inspired by the portraits created by Russian artists of the 19th century.

He participated in the exhibition "New Time" in the Tretyakov Gallery, in the exhibition "Repin Sale", in youth exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, and the organization "Rhombus", in exhibitions of students of the Faculty of Painting from the workshop of Mr. Pesikov. and in the international exhibition of the GDR / USSR at the Museum of the Academy of Arts named after Repin. Awarded with a trip to the Academy of the City of Dresden. General exhibition participant and the Starykh gallery prize scholar, the winner of the painting competition in the Colors life gallery.

The artist is ready to work from life or photography, in the second scenario he prefers to take a photo by himself.

1. Ashkhen, Floral motif 2020 90x60 cm
2. Self-portrait in a hoodie 2020 90x80 cm
3. Ale 2019 75x100 cm
4. Ballerina 2019 cm 80x90 cm
5. Stasia on the background of flowers in 2020 70x40 cm

Country: Russia

City: Saint Petersburg

Price range: < $500

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