Isomiddin Eshonkulov

Technique: oil
Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Cost range: 900 $ or higher
(size from 30 x 40 cm)

Isomiddin Eshonkulov calls his works "inner landscapes of a person." Using the surrealist approach, he resorts to contradictory and sometimes absurd images to create a narrative about the inner world of a person, about his past and future, about his place in the Universe. Complex combinations of forms and phantasmagoric plots in the artist's works are not meaningless: details and symbols help Isomiddin express his own philosophical assessment and share what he learned about the person being portrayed.

At the same time, the artist captures all the details with scrupulous precision: from the pores on the face of a person and the glister in their eyes to the pattern on the wings of butterflies that melt and dissolve like an illusion.

The artist is ready to work from a photo. You will need to provide high-quality photos.

1. Illusion. 2019 198 x 142 cm
2. A memory. 92 x 69 cm
3. Anger. 138 x 92 cm
4. Temptation. 2020. 100 x 90 cm
5. Butterfly girl. 125 x 92 cm
6. The Blind Dervish. 2020 142 x 94 cm
7. Suicide. 104 x 82 cm

Country: Uzbekistan

City: Tashkent

Price range: < $1000

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