Polina Arutyunova

Technique: watercolor

Price range: 30 000 rubles or higher
(size from 20 x 30 cm)

In the elegant and delicate portraits of Polina Arutyunova, light has an important role to play. Sunlit models look natural calm and beautiful at the same time.

The portraits are painted in such a way that nothing divers one's attention from the eyes and face of the hero. Polina likes watercolor portraits because this genre allows her to capture the changeable and the momentary. The artist strives to show the inner world of a person, rather than just to demonstrate what lies on the surface.

The artist works from a photo. You will need to provide high-quality photos.

1. Black 2019 20x30 cm
2. Portrait 2 2018 20x30 cm
3. Olga 2021 46 х 35 cm
3. Girl 2019 20x30 cm
4. Portrait 2018 20x30 cm
5. Portrait 2019 20x30 cm
6. Serega 2019 20x30 cm
7. Svet 2019 20x30 cm
8. Woman 2018 20x30 cm
9. Woman 2 2018 20x30 cm

Price range: < $500

Country: Russia

City: Moscow

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