Daria Grigorieva

City: Saint Petersburg

Daria Grigorieva draws inspiration from historical films and Italian operas. The photographer admits that she strives to make the characters of her portraits look if as they descended from the Renaissance paintings as if they were frozen in a "time capsule". Instead of capturing what is seen with the eye, Daria suggests moving to another time and era and trying out a new image. Together with the customer she comes up with the image, and goes over the wardrobe, makeup, wishes of the model, and creates a mood board before the photoshoot.

The photographer collaborates with young designers and stylists of St. Petersburg. Her photographs have been published in Elegant, Feroce, and Mordant magazines.

Photo session duration: 1 hour or longer

30 or more photos with artistic processing and magazine retouching

Photo processing time: 1 week

Cost: 7 500 rubles for the hour

Extra charge for studio rent, a stylist, and a make-up artist.
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