Artur Bolzhurov

City: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Artur Bolzhurov began his career as a photographer with a modeling agency and a glossy magazine. They needed expressive portraits, and gradually this genre became the main one for Arthur.

"My interest in portraits was formed during my studies at art school. We drew plaster heads from life, painted portraits and self-portraits.

I'm quite a sociable person, so it's easy for me to take pictures of people. It's fun. Different age and status require different approaches: for example, working with a small child is different from working with an elderly person."

To prepare, discuss wishes, details, and get acquainted, Arthur prefers to meet with the customer in advance before the start of the photo shooting.

Since 2009, he has participated in international exhibitions and photo projects, including socially significant ones. Among them are the projects "Early Marriages: minuses without pluses" (2012 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), " Nature. Human. Culture - 2014", (2014 Ufa), "Positive image of an elderly person" (2016 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), Finalist of the "This-Ability Photography Award" (2018 London, UK), organized to overcome stereotypes around the image of a person with disabilities, and the competition "The Impossible is Possible "(2020 St. Petersburg), dedicated to people with disabilities and organized by people with disabilities.

Photoshoot options:

1 hour of photography

1 location

5 photos with processing and all good photos without processing

Cost:100 $

2 hours of photography

2 locations

10 photos with processing and all good photos without processing

Price:150 $

3-4 hours of photography

3-4 locations

20 photos with processing and all good photos without processing

Price: 225 $

Photo processing time: discussed individually and depends on the total number of files selected for processing. On average, 1 day per1 photo.

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