Natalia Palomina

City: Voronezh

For Natalia Polomina every photo portrait is a "conversation without words", in her works she seeks to convey her own attitude to the person being photographed. Ms. Polomina works in art photography and specializes in children's portraits. Natalia's daughter Tina, who is often seen in her photos, helps the artist to come up with new ideas and produce images.

An international exhibition participant (TIFA in Tokyo; Siena Awards in Siena; BICFP in Prague; GuruShots in Berlin) and the Russian and international photo competition winner. She received recognition from the audience and the professional jury on various occasions: for instance, at the 35 PHOTO AWARDS 2017, Natalia Polomina's works were among the 35 best in the categories "Portrait" and "Children's Photo", the artist also was named one of the top 90 photographers in Russia. In total, 257,000 art pieces from 103.000 participants were submitted for the competition.

The photoshoot duration: 2-3 hours

Number of photos: 4 photos with

artistic retouching

2 looks per photoshoot

Photo processing time: 4 weeks

Portrait photography (1 person per frame): 22 500 rubles

Extra charge for studio rent, a stylist, and a make-up artist.

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