Alexander Stepanenko

Country: Russia
City: Murmansk

Chairman of the Murmansk Branch of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia. Winner of numerous Russian and international photo contests participates in personal and group photo exhibitions from 1980 to the present.

Alexander Stepanenko creates art and reportage portraits, children's portraits, as well as landscapes and genre photography. In his works, he seeks to show the inner world of the model, their experiences, personality features, and, as the photographer puts it, their "philosophical meaning". The artist has extensive experience in reportage photography for magazines and newspapers and often uses the reportage method when creating portraits: he tries to be invisible to capture the right moment

There are many elderly people among Alexander Stepanenko's models. The photographer loves to shoot the everyday life of rural residents: he enjoys the fact that he feels closer to his motherland, and considers it important to talk about the problems of the Russian hinterland. The series of works "Everyday life of the Arkhangelsk village" traveled around Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Kurgan, Tyumen, St. Petersburg, reached the final of the Angkor International Photo Festival (Cambodia) and the HIPA UAE SDG Photography Award (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) in the "People" nomination; the series "Deer People" was exhibited in Murmansk, Kurgan, Syktyvkar, and Budapest.

Photo session duration: 1 hour
Price range: 8 000 rubles or higher (the price depends on the purpose of the photoshoot)
As a result, the client receives the 10 best photos with the author's processing

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