Maria Alekhina

Maria Alekhina's favorite genre is a monochrome female portrait. She believes that the main task of a photographer is to show the uniqueness of a person. During a photo shoot, she does her best to create a friendly and creative atmosphere that will help the model to open up.

"I like it when a person looks at the result and gets surprised. When one discovers something new about oneself when people realize that they are beautiful, bright and daring, or quite the opposite that they are unexpectedly gentle thus different from the way they normally see themselves.

It often the case that women are disappointed with their photos both the amateur ones and the professional ones come to me. I understand how important an emotional mood is, so I always try to arrive earlier to talk to my clients while they are doing their makeup and hair to see their current emo national state. Sometimes during the first half an hour of shooting people simply takes their time to calm down and open up. "

Any photoshoot with Maria starts with a get-acquainted session: either in person or via video communication. To take the best photos possible, she studies the person's face, eyes, movements, manner of communication, and much more.

"That is the model who needs a get-acquainted session in the first place. If two of us meet in advance it is going to be easier for us to communicate. This is especially true for children: otherwise, they simply will not listen to you.

Each photoshoot is in some way a psychotherapy session. It's not just the result that matters but also the process itself."

Maria does not ask her models to freeze in complex poses and minimizes retouching when processing images to preserve their authenticity. In her works, she tries to capture effortlessness and lively, natural beauty.

Photo session duration: 2 hours

Number of photos: 50 photos

2-4 looks during a photo session

Photo processing time: 2 weeks

Photo session cost:

Portraits (female or male portrait) 10 500 rubles

Family portrait (up to 4 people inclusive) 12 000 rubles

The price doesn't include studio rent, makeup artists.

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