Anatole Green

Photographer Anatole Green creates portraits using the ambrotype technique which dates back to the mid of 19th century.

Ambrotype can be translated from Greek as "immortal imprint". It is an ancient photographic process which involves the shooting on glass plates covered with a light-sensitive layer: photographic collodion. As a result of a chemical reaction, a portrait appears on the glass that will not change or fade over time.

An image created on an ambrotype will differ greatly from an image obtained using traditional methods: digital or on film. The portrait acquires a special depth dimension to it. You won't find pure white or black in such a photo; the transitions from light to shadow are soft and muted.

"When a person comes to my photo session, he witnesses the entire filming process: from start to finish. Each shooting is a visual master class. It takes about half an hour to create one frame including preparation, shooting, and development.

You will need to freeze in front of the lens for 5-7 seconds which is a requirement for this long exposure mode of shooting. These 7 seconds make a person stop amid endless movement, to let go, to be left alone with oneself. He seems to "slide" into his inner self. It produces an incredible effect.

Together we discuss the image and the location, use reagents for development. A person sees how a photograph appears right in front of their eyes and later walks away with the finished plate. There is a single copy of this photo that will remain with them."

Anatole Green has been working with portrait photography for over 10 years. Former military doctor with scientific experience, he can deeply understand, feel, and effectively use the chemistry of the photo processes.

Photoshoot location: studio in Moscow

Duration: 2.5 hours

The customer receives photos on the day of the photoshoot:

• One photo (ambrotype) framed

• 2-4 photo portraits will be sent by e-mail

Qty: one or two people

Price range: 22 500 rubles

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