Renat Renee

City: Saint Petersburg

Each of Renat's photos appeals to you in its own way: color scheme, composition, props, details. This effect is achieved through careful preparation rather than by sheer luck of capturing a nice shot. To create a visual narrative, the photographer puts down a photo shoot program and storyboard before the photo session, carefully plans the location, shades, accessories, and final retouching. Renat Reni's photos are easily recognized by the solid background, carefully chosen colors, and frame, where every detail is important and nothing is in its place by accident.

Renat is a finalist of Best of Russia (2016), the largest Russian photo project organized by the Center for Contemporary Art, Winzavod; participant of the international exhibition NordArt 2017 and NordArt 2021 in the upcoming year; ambassador of the 500px photo community.

Renat cooperates with designers and accepts orders for individual image and art shootings.

Photo session duration: 1 hour or longer

5-10 photos depending on the complexity of retouching

Photo processing time: 3-14 days

Cost: 7 500 rubles per hour of work or higher

Extra charge for studio rent, a stylist, and a make-up artist.
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