Elizaveta Fomchenko

City: Moscow

Elizaveta Fomchenko is a child photographer. In her pictures, the artist seeks to capture the candor and openness of young models. Home photography is a perfect tool for that: it's often the case that Elizabeth organizes photoshoots by visiting families at home.

"With home shooting, you are free to do whatever you deem to be necessary." I come to the family home, get to see their life. There are no deadlines to be met: we are not in hurry, we just live, cook, walk. As a result, we open up to each other and get the pictures that convey the atmosphere and create a special story of one day from the life of a family."

The photographer uses a similar approach when shooting in a studio. She avoids overly serious production shots and gently guides the models through the photoshoot by suggesting some poses, sitting positions, and props. As a result, the shots turn out to be interesting and lively.

Home shooting

Photo session duration: by agreement. No time restrictions.

All nice photos in color correction (100-300 images), with retouching if necessary (no more than 10)

Photo processing time: 3-5 days

Cost: 30 000 rubles

Studio shooting

Photo session duration: 1 hour or longer

All good photos in color correction, retouching frames as necessary (no more than 10)

Processing time: 2-4 weeks

Cost: 15 000 rubles

Studio rental is included in the price. Extra charge for a stylist and a make-up artist.
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