Maria Kramer

City: Tel Aviv, Israel

"Photography can help you relax and see yourself from a new perspective. In some cases to realize that you are more beautiful than you think. I like to be a mediator in this, I like that I can help a person see themselves differently and become a little bit more open, "says Maria Kramer. Her mission statement is simple: "To show the world as much beauty and love in people as possible." It strives to reveal the unique external beauty of a person, capturing them in the most natural state.

Maria Kramer presented her photographs at the exhibitions "Habitat" (Izhevsk, 2014), "Omsk and Omichi" (Omsk, 2014), "Petersburg — in the world, the world — in St. Petersburg..." (St. Petersburg, 2017), "(Not) published" (St. Petersburg, 2018).

Before the photoshoot, the artist discusses with the client all the nuances of shooting and gives them tips about how best to prepare for the session: what clothes to wear and how to not to worry. and suggest a variety of ideas and locations.

Photo session duration: 1 hour or longer

About 70 processed photos

Processing time: up to 7 days

Cost: 525 shekels per hour

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