Dasha ART

City: Vitebsk, Belarus

Daria was awarded the title of «the Best Professional Photographer in Europe " in 2020 as the absolute winner of the competition of the Federation of European Photographers.

Daria's works are creative and experimental; she works with conceptual photography and body art. She pays attention to the unique charisma and appearance of every person, but in her photos does not seek to simply capture the reality. The artist considers the work on each photo project as a work "from scratch", and creates images using costumes, makeup, accessories, and subsequent image processing in photo editors.

Daria is a participant in international art projects and exhibitions. The artist works for glossy magazines about fashion, art, and photography collaborates with brands of clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Daria will represent Belarus in the national pavilion of ExpoDubai 2021 in the art zone.

Photo session duration: 1 hour or longer

Price: 750 $

As a result, the client receives 5 photos with the author's processing and sources on request.
If you order a photo shoot from 3 hours or more, the cost per hour will be less by 20%

Processing time: from 7 days


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